romantic view at the ecolut eventcenter near cologne and bonn
Ecolut Eventcenter evening event
The terrace of the Ecolut Eventcenter


Extensive forests with different old trees as well as large meadows, lakes and streams can be found in the large forest. Hunting lodges, residences, old barns, forestry houses and a suspension bridge are among the possible film locations in the forest as well as secluded chapels on meadows and widely branched paths and roads.

Outdoor Locations

In Ehreshoven you will find many quiet locations, where you and your film team can work undisturbed. We would be pleased to help you find the right film and TV location in Engelskirchen.

If you need pictures of our locations, please write us an email to

Your contact for filmproductions und outdoor motives:
Mr. Harald Söhngen
+49 (0) 2263 - 3021