Book SUV test track and car events near Cologne
Test vehicle drives over tree trunks in our forest
SUV incentive and vehicle presentation in the Bergische Land near Cologne

SUV Test Track

A special offer for all vehicle manufacturers, test drivers and for special occasions: our SUV test track in our own forest near Cologne.

The location amidst the nature of the Bergisches Land makes the training course for SUVs and SUVs one of the most scenic routes in Germany. The obstacles are exciting challenges for the driver and the vehicle. The track is designed so that the SUV training track is navigable in any weather, and that every SUV can play its strengths. In addition, you can test your vehicles in the beautiful "Bergisches Land" with its winding roads and on the highway (BAB 4) also "onroad".

SUV Test Track

With the numerous locations in our offer, you will also find a venue that fits perfectly into your ideas, press conference or training. Most of our locations are accessible by car. Together with the experienced team of the "Offroad Promotion Hermann Bauer" you will get to know your vehicle.


Uses of our SUV route:

  • Press Presentations    
  • customer event    
  • Events for automotive dealers
  • Water crossings    
  • Tree trunk bridge    
  • Also suitable for electric vehicles

We care for our surrounding nature. Our test track is designed to be environmentally friendly, obstacles such as tree trunks originate from our own forestry operations and most parts of the track are in everyday life the tracks of our own forestry vehicles.


Our staff will be pleased to advise you by telephone +49 (0) 2263-48 13 50 . You are also very welcome to send us a request to get a free offer for an individual arrangement basing on your ideas.