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The Foundation

The former aristocratic estate of Count Nesselrode, nestled in the forests of the Bergisches Land, is located in beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia only 30 km from the metropolises of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn. Today, the castle is home to a non-profit foundation of the Rhenish Knighthood. The Foundation Ehreshoven is a classical agricultural and forestry enterprise, which guarantees the preservation of its endowment with its income.

The Foundation

The funds of the foundation are mainly generated by forestry with sustainable production of the raw material wood for resale. In addition, Ehreshoven is active in the areas of rental and leasing of residential and commercial space, as well as the renting of rooms and space for family celebrations, conferences, workshops, corporate events and also filmproductions. The "noble ladies foundation for aristocratic women in need" is under the direction of the curator Jörg Deselaers.

Aerial view of the terrain of Ehreshoven
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Castle Ehreshoven is located at the border of Bergisches and Oberbergisches Land. Situated near Cologne and 1355 firstly mentioned in written form, Castle Ehreshoven was in possession of Counts Nesselrode over a long period of time. In its first years it must have been an ancient castle or a solid building. At the turn of the 17th/18th century the alliance Nesselrode/Schwarzenberg gave the order to construct the courtyard with its today’s five pentagonal closed shape. It is suggested that the architect came from the court of Düsseldorf, to which house Nesselrode- Ehreshoven always maintained a close contact. Their summer residence Castle Bensberg is only few kilometers away from Ehreshoven.


In 1920, unmarried and childless countess Marie Nesselrode-Ehreshoven passed away. She bequeathed the house and the whole establishment to the Rhenish Knighthood. The nephews of Countess Marie Nesselrode-Ehreshoven had to accept the wish of their aunt that she cared for those ladies of society, who placed themselves in social service of the family. They cared for old and sick people and/or educated children. To provide appropriate last years of life to those ladies, the Rhenish Knighthood obtained the order to revive the house in the sense of Marie Nesselrode-Ehreshoven. The Rhenish Knighthood is an association of old aristocratic families of the Prussian Rhine Province who fought for a special law for freedom of making a will so that they were able to pass on establishments undivided.

In 1923, the catholic, noble ladies foundation for aristocratic women in need developed by the Rhenish Knighthood. To this day, castle Ehreshoven serves the purpose of the foundation. Resources to realize the function of the foundation are generated by a Curator exclusively from revenues of forestry, leasing of properties and the organization of events. The foundation is guided by an abbess whereas the highest supervisory organ of the Rhenish Knighthood and therefore of the foundation is represented by the captain of knights together with the Knighthood council.

Over the years, castle Ehreshoven grew to an economic and personal community. Today it is an enterprise with a down-to-earth approach and a strong connection to traditions, but nevertheless with a view into the future and open to new challenges. 25 employees, thereof four trainees, are occupied at castle Ehreshoven in the different fields of forestry, domestic economy, administration and event. They directly care for the canonesses or are responsible to gain the essential revenues in order to enable the daily life of 9 canonesses.